Podcast on the evolution of hemophiliac care and options from socialism to today



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This time, host Michal Bereň talks to two guests who have experienced first-hand the care of a haemophilia patient over the past few decades.

Mr. Petr Slunský is a haemophiliac and a long-time member of the Revision Commission of the Czech Union of Haemophiliacs. Mr. Michal Št'astný is also a haemophiliac and was the President of the Czech Haemophiliac Association from 1990 to 1994, when the patient organisation became a member of the WFH. He was also a member of the Czech Haemophiliac Association's CoR.

Do you know how many weeks it took to pull out a tooth of a haemophiliac during socialism?

Today, the beginnings of haemophilia care may seem quaint and the reality hard to believe. Listen to a very personal interview of three experienced hemophiliacs about how they went through life from a time when doctors had virtually nothing to offer to today. Let's pause with them at important events that helped shape the care we take for granted today. Treatment that allows us to live a life almost like anyone else.

Once again, we've recorded enough to make two episodes for you.

All information about the podcast can be found on the [Liberate Life Project] website (https://liberatelife.cz/podcast-na-vlastni-zily).