Educational meeting for women living with bleeding disorders - part three



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We are pleased to invite you, dear women, to the next educational meeting, which will take place again in Jihlava (EA Bussines hotel), in the term 19.-21.5.2023.

The main points of the programme are traditionally directed to Saturday, but we are preparing an interesting programme for you on Friday evening, which you should definitely not miss. Experts from the fields of haematology, psychology, dentistry, physiotherapy and nutritional therapy have accepted our invitation. Another area we will focus on in this year's programme is the so-called "Hands on Breast" project, which will highlight the importance of prevention and self-examination. And that's not all, we are fine-tuning the final programme and will make the final version known to all those who have registered.

The educational session for women with bleeding disorders is intended for women aged 14 and over, with no upper age limit. The event is intended for women from the patient organizations Hemojunior and the Czech Union of Hemophiliacs; of course, non-members can also participate. The event will be attended by women carriers of haemophilia, mothers of carriers, wives and mothers of daughters with von Willebrand's disease, partners of haemophiliacs, etc.

The aim of the project is to educate the women present in areas directly related to living with a bleeding disorder. E.g. why it is important to know the level of coagulation factor, treatment options for women with coagulation factor deficiency, genetics and passing on the defective gene to their offspring, family planning, hematological preparation before various serious interventions, physiotherapy as prevention of bleeding conditions, maintaining good physical condition, healthy lifestyle, feelings of guilt about passing on the defective gene to their offspring- psychology and other topics.

This is an absolutely unique educational project of this kind in the Czech Republic for the target group of women living with bleeding disorders.

You can apply now using this form, and no later than May 3, 2023. Don't hesitate to apply, we may have to stop the application process when we reach capacity! We do not expect children to participate in this meeting!

Participation fees have been set as follows: members of the Czech Hemophiliac Association (CSH) and Hemojunior will pay 500,- CZK/night, non-members 1000,- CZK/night. Members of CSH and Hemojunior who will not stay overnight in the hotel and will only attend the Saturday professional program will pay 200,- CZK, non-members 400,- CZK.

Please note that for the purposes of this event, only those members who pay their membership fees regularly and on time are considered members. The participation fee includes all-day refreshments. Please send it to the CSH account no later than 15 May 2023. If you do not pay the fee by that date, the reservation will be cancelled.

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UniCredit Bank\ Account number.

We look forward to seeing you in Jihlava. \ We are looking forward to seeing you in Jihlava!

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