Haemophilia podcast with former Minister of Health



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In today's episode of our podcast, the moderator Michal Bereň delves into the world of haemophilia in an interview with a prominent expert on the topic, former Minister of Health, haematologist, coordinator of the Czech National Haemophilia Programme and active participant in patient organisations, doc. MUDr. Jan Blatný, Ph.D.

Michal Bereň starts the interview with Associate Professor Blatný with a wide range of questions. They discuss comparisons between the Czech Republic and other countries, mention Czech certified centres providing comprehensive care for haemophiliacs and discuss the Czech National Haemophilia Programme. The importance of patient organizations from the physician's perspective will also come up. In addition, they will address issues of interest to haemophiliacs in the context of everyday care - for example, prophylaxis in adults, the benefits of the application of florio Haemo for patients and doctors in specific situations, and the issue of haemophilia carriers.