Podcast with a haemophilia carrier



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In this episode, host Michal Bereň talks to Verka, who has two hemophiliac sons. She came all the way from Moravia to share her story about the challenges she faces as a mother of a haemophilia carrier.

Věrka tells us about her journey through life from the perspective of her two sons' hemophilia. She recalls what it was like in the beginning, after the diagnosis and how she sought the best possible care for them. She also talks about how important it was to find support in the community and share her experiences with other families. She describes how she decided on an appropriate treatment plan and the importance of preventative care.

Vera also shares her thoughts on her sons' futures in the context of their disease. She stresses the importance of education and awareness of haemophilia so that society can better understand and support those living with the disease. She talks about her personal experiences coping with the emotions and challenges of raising children with hemophilia.

All information about the podcast can be found on the Liberate Life Project website.