Adult recreation 2023



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For the third time we will visit Hotel Bystré in the village of the same name, near Polička.

More about the hotel

There were some minor problems with the date, and in order not to change the period when the stay takes place, we had to shorten it by one day for this year.

So the event will take place May 13-19, starting with dinner on Saturday and ending with lunch on Friday. This indicates that full board will again be provided.

There will be a swimming pool, hot tub, rehab, excursions and social evenings.

Most of the haemophiliac population are familiar with the course of stays, yet we are happy to provide any further information. Crucially, however, the hotel is booked for us only. Only the hotel restaurant will also be available to other guests.

The price of accommodation has increased again, however, in view of the shortened stay, we are keeping the participation fees at the same level as last year.

Hemophiliacs who are members of CSH, duly paying membership fees, and their children (up to 12 years old, requesting a child's portion at meals) will stay for 2.200 CZK. Regular non-hemophiliac members, hemophiliac non-members and other children of hemophiliacs (up to 18 years of age) will pay 3.300 CZK.

Other participants will pay the real cost, 940 CZK adult / 750,- child per night with full board. The whole stay will cost 5640,- CZK for an adult and 4500,- CZK for a child. You can register now via the online form or by email at